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RawTherapee 4.2.363

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RawTherapee 4.2.363

RawTherapee Review:

 The latest version, which is 4.2, has seen tremendous improvements over the previous releases including a whole new set of documentation's and more elaborate procedures and instructions. RawTherapee, the meta editing software, still remains free, nevertheless. There are a host of advantages and features that set it straightaway out of the box. It promises highest image quality, superb and unmatched efficiency and versatility along with the freedom of forking and tweaking it without bounds. 

 Quality Standards

 It does not possess a 32 bit or 64 bit, but, a whopping 96 bit processing engine. This means even larger instruction sets and more information processing ability. The latest algorithms provide the most details with least artifacts resulting in a non-destructive editing of the raw images obtained from the cameras. These include the ones like DCB, EAHD, AHD, AMaZE, LMMSE and a few more. The color handing functions has been improved by using curves, toning and color management profiles like the Color Appearance Model 2002, which is also known as CIECAM02. White balance to HSV values are tweaked very neatly. There are multiple denoising methods that help retain the crispness and clarity by removing salt and pepper noise, luminance and chrominance from the raw images.

 Productivity Efficiency

 In order to utilize the modern features of processors like SSE, multicore and multithreading processes are instantiated by RawTherapee A lot of changes in other departments like batch processing that can process thousands of images at one without straining the processor is a kind and useful improvement. In order to improve the speed, quick thumbnails are used at first for loading thousands of images at once and gradually the live previews are replaced for a seamless effect. There is enough versatility in terms of format support and extension management. It can load standard JPEG, PNG and TIFF images up to 32 bits and also supports all latest DSLRs, 16,24 and 32 bits, and even HDR DNG as well.


 This is a truly cross platforms software supporting 32 and 64 bit architectures irrespective of Mac, Linux or Windows. It comes with GPLV3 licensing and free to use and redistribute. They released the Raw Therapee 4.0.12 just a while ago and their source code is available at Google Source Code page. The packages vary with platforms and are listed in their "Downloads" section.

 The small and meaningful enhancements are the key to making successful feature packed RawTherapee.

Changes on the new version:
Pipette tool for curves.
Support for floating-point HDR raw DNG images.
Enhanced look for all tools (panel background).
RawTherapee screenshotRawTherapee screenshotRawTherapee screenshotRawTherapee screenshotRawTherapee screenshotRawTherapee screenshot

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